This is the mail I've received from Klaus Sassenfeld:
I just wanted to let you know that I have released a new version of the F1 Manipulator, which now also supports the Season 2004 update by Ralph Hummerich.

More details and download at the homepage

Just to quickly recap what the F1 Manipulator is good for:
F1 Manipulator offers different modules, which allow you to..... make different changes to the configuration of F1 2002:
1.) Perfomace harmonizer: This module makes changes to your EA F1 Challenge configuration files that will result in all teams having the same performance. This is useful for multiplayer sessions where you want each driver to use a different team but have the same performance.
2.) Modify car stability (NEW): With the F1C default setting the rear wing of a car is more fragile than the front wing, resulting in people hitting your car from the back not getting hurt while your rearwing is lost. This module allows to modify the stability of the wings and wheels. Several recommended presets are included for you to make your choice.
3.) Replay Backup Manager (NEW): Usually only the replay of the last race is saved for each track. All oder replays are automatically overwritten. This modul allows to autmatically create a copy of a replay, adding date and time to the name, so that all replays will be available later for your review.